Job Support Scheme

(updated 12/10/2020)

The Job Support Scheme (JSS) is designed to help businesses that have lower demand over winter and will start on 1 November 2020 for the next 6 months. It is kind of a flexible furlough scheme, you will pay the employee for the time they have actually worked, the government will then top up their pay with a grant.

How it works is if you have reduced staff hours due to less demand, for example you are open 9am to 5pm and staff are normally paid for 7 hours, but you only need them for 3 hours you will be eligible for the scheme.

If however you are open 9am to 5pm and your staff are still working for the whole 7 hours regardless of the sales income you must still pay the employees for the whole time and will not be eligible for the grant.

There are currently 2 types of JSS Grant available, one for employers in a local lockdown (JSS Closed) and one for employers that are open as normal but have reduced demand (JSS Open).


  • All employers with a UK Bank Account and PAYE Scheme (you do not need to have used the CJRS scheme to be eligible)

  • Employees must have been reported on the payroll before the 23rd September

  • Employees must have worked at least 20% of their usual hours (i.e. if they normally work 3 hours a day they must have worked at least 1 hour)

What will you get

  • For every hour not worked by the employee, both the Government and employer will pay a third each of the usual hourly wage for that employee.

  • this is capped at £697.92 per month

  • the grant does not cover employer NI or Pensions

  • “Usual wages” calculations will follow a similar methodology as for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

  • Employees who have previously been furloughed, will have their underlying usual pay and/or hours used to calculate usual wages, not the amount they were paid whilst on furlough

  • employees must be paid their normal contracted wage.

How to claim

  • The scheme will be open from 1 November 2020 to the end of April 2021.

  • Employers will be able to make a claim online through from 8 December 2020.

  • They will be paid on a monthly basis.

  • Grants will be payable in arrears meaning that a claim can only be submitted in respect of a given pay period, after payment to the employee has been made and that payment has been reported to HMRC via an RTI return.

Local Lock Downs
The JSS Scheme (Above) has been extended to firms whose premises are legally required to shut for some period over winter as part of local or national restrictions will receive grants to pay the wages of staff who cannot work. This will not apply to those who can work from home. What I know so far is:


  • The government will support eligible businesses by paying two thirds of each employees’ salary (or 67%), up to a maximum of £2,100 a month.

  • Employers will not be required to contribute towards wages and only asked to cover NICS and pension contributions.

  • Businesses will only be eligible to claim the grant while they are subject to restrictions and employees must be off work for a minimum of seven consecutive days.

  • The scheme will begin on 1 November and will be available for six months, with a review point in January. 

  • The claim portal will go live in December.