Information for individuals

(Updated 04/04/2020)

Help available

  • If you are an employee and have to self-isolate due to coronavirus you will be entitled to sick pay either under the employer’s policy or the statutory minimum.

  • If your workplace closes check your contract as to what your entitlement is. If there is a temporary lay off clause you may only be entitled to statutory guaranteed pay.

  • The government has said employees and workers will be able to take Emergency Volunteer Leave in blocks of 2, 3 or 4 weeks statutory unpaid leave. The Government has planned to set up a UK-wide compensation fund to compensate for the loss of earnings. Volunteers for an appropriate authority may also be able to claim a flat rate for expenses though the compensation fund.

  • You may also be able to make a claim for Universal credit and Employment Support Allowance.

  • If you are at risk of being made redundant there may be an opportunity to make use of the coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Speak to your employer or union about what the options are.

  • Large bank balances - What protection there is for people with bank balances over the £85,000 FSCS limit should in the unlikely event a bank go under. My advice is to limit your exposure, split the money between different banks, not bank accounts, also check they have separate banking licences and check they are covered by the scheme. Speak to an Independent financial adviser if you want more help.