Actors Tax Returns

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Why choose us?

Ever feel like your Accountant or HMRC just doesn't really understand what you do?

I spent 6 years working backstage in professional theatre on both big tours and small one nighters. So I've been there, sitting in the dark blue light waiting for someone to throw a prop at me! 

This means I haven't spent my whole working life sitting in front of a spreadsheet. I understand that you probably won't have kept a mobile office of folders to record all your receipts while on tour, unless you were DSM, then it's probably colour coded with post-it notes all over the place!

With the Government's introduction of Making Tax Digital (MTD) in the next couple of years, I can help you prepare for the extra reporting requirements, with technology doing the hard work for you.

Our Fees

Our fee packages are simple and affordable with the option to pay by monthly Direct Debit. 
The Lite Package is only £15 a month and covers a single set of accounts and self assessment tax return
Direct Debit 
£15 per month